Blowing smoke in the wind

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18, college freshman, east coast
free mind, soul, body, and spirit.
Do what makes you happy and fuck the rest.
Offensive as FUCK.
Sexuality is fluid.
Stay weird.

My Granny told me today in the car that I remind her so much of my Uncle George. One I’m named after him (Georgianna) and also I share the same passion for theatre, dance, and just preforming in general. That he also auditioned at UNC-SA and has a banner thing from there. She said she is gonna look for it and if she finds it I can have it. Freakin’ sweet! Gah, I wish I could have met him. She said he would be so proud of what I’ve been doing. Which encourages me even more to push for my dream of acting. I know I’ll make you proud Uncle. RIP. 

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